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Brick Work in Oak Lawn IL

If you’re looking to have a structure built out of brick and you need it done well, so that it lasts for years, then consider giving us a call.  We can build brick structures for many different purposes you may have, from mailboxes to fence posts to chimneys and brick siding, we can do it all!

Building a brick mailbox

Brick mailboxes give off a very nice and luxurious curb appeal while actually protecting your mailbox itself.  They take a bit longer to put up than just simply putting the mailbox post into the ground but they last so much longer and require very little maintenance.  It snows quite a lot in Oak Lawn and the cold can get extreme, when the snow starts coming down heavily and the snow plows come along they can toss heavy snow up against your mailbox post causing it to snap and break off, this doesn’t happen with brick mailbox structures.

Patio Installation

Patios are an excellent addition to your backyard and can enhance functionality and appeal in many ways.  Now a days patios come in all sorts of brick and stone with many different colors and designs. They can remain as a 1 level structure or they can be built up to have multi-levels.  If you’re in need of some patio work, by a professional mason crew, we can help you design the perfect patio for you. We’ll provide you with tips and suggestions on how to best achieve your ideal patio and we’ll take the lead on building it the right way.  Give us your vision and we’ll do the rest!

Fence Installation

A masonry fence can be made out of brick, stone or cement and, because of the material, is extremely durable and virtually minimal maintenance.  Though they are more costly to construct, due to the material and amount of labor hours, in the long run they pay for themselves. If you’re looking to add some style and structure to the perimeter of your yard, but have a lower budget then adding some masonry posts or columns with wood or metal panels between them are a great way to go.  Whichever way you decide to go, we can help you achieve the look you are going for. We have access to dozens of different bricks and stone ranging in different colors, patterns, styles and finishes. We have just what you’re looking for!

Our Work

We have many years of experience as a masonry contractor in Oak Lawn and we do great work.  We believe that being honest and transparent about the way we do work is the key to maintaining great client relations, but it’s also the key to staying in business for many years to come.  We are very open and honest about the work that we perform and our pricing. In fact, We stay extremely price competitive in the area because we have the experience to do things right the first time, and we have the right number of masons to get it done efficiently.  Give us a call for any brick work in Oak Lawn that you may need!