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Chimney Sweep Oak Lawn, IL

If you’re looking for a good chimney sweep in Oak Lawn IL then you’re at the right spot.  Hundreds of homes in Oak Lawn depend on heating their home through the use of their chimney, yet the National Fire Protection Association states that approximately 30 percent of all house fires are due to chimney fires.  That means that billions of dollars in damage nationwide are caused by something that costs only a couple hundred dollars (on average) to prevent.

Why should you get your chimney cleaned?

You wash your dishes every day, right?  You get your bathrooms cleaned, right? You mow your lawn every week, right?  So why wouldn’t you get your chimney cleaned every year? It’s the same principle, if you use it, it needs maintenance and cleaning.

When logs burn in a chimney they leave behind soot and ash that needs to be removed so that the fire can burn more cleanly, but the wood log also leaves something behind called creosote.  Creosote is a byproduct of burning logs that is mainly comprised of tar. As the logs burn and smoke rises into the air, it mixes with the cold air and water located higher up in the chimney.  When it does this, the tar solidifies onto the chimney liner, or if you don’t have a liner it builds up directly on the chimney walls itself.

The problem is that creosote is an extremely flammable material that causes billions of dollars worth of damage nationwide every year.  To make matters worse, creosote constricts the air flow in the flue and causes an inefficiency in burning wood, but that’s not all, the more creosote you have the more you tend to attract and accumulate, increasing your chances of starting a house fire.

How often should you get a chimney sweep?

You should consider getting a chimney sweep in Oak Lawn at least once a year, even if you don’t use the fireplace all that often.  Birds and other animals often make their nests and shelters within chimney walls, and depending on the moisture of the material, it can quickly catch on fire and combust the creosote that is lined on the chimney walls.  Spreading of the fire occurs quickly and oftentimes without warning so it’s important that you get it inspected often.

How much does a chimney sweep cost?

A standard chimney sweep in Oak Lawn, which includes a level inspection, will cost approximately $125-$300 depending on the type of chimney you have and its condition.  There are a few factors that determine the cost, but it is reasonable to pay more if you have dead animals that need to be cleaned after, or if you have a lot of creosote buildup that needs to be cleaned away.  

Our chimney inspections include checking the liner, smoke chambers, chimney exterior and the firebox.  We may point out areas of concern, areas that you may need to watch over time, or areas that need immediate attention.

We carry years of experience for all sorts of chimney sweeps and cleanings as well as chimney repair and chimney tuckpointing.  If you need any work done to your chimney feel free to give us a call and we’d be glad to help you!